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99moves and Zeta Create the ‘The Storm’ in Support of Young British Filmmakers

Friday, April 1st, 2011 by Amy Maslin Comment (1) »

Here at 99moves we feel strongly about the cuts issued to the Arts Council, and in particular the abolishment of the UK Film Council. The talent produced by the UK in all areas of culture, media and the arts is what keeps the industry we are in so exciting. Although, with this apparent lack of support from our government the fear up and coming talent won’t be granted the opportunity to flourish is, in our eyes, justified.

With the team over at our sister company Zeta we decided to recruit a group of young filmmakers working and studying within the area to create a short film which illustrated the dedication and creativeness British filmmakers are so famous for. ‘The Storm’ not only gave these young filmmakers much needed experience within the industry but also gave us the opportunity to deliver our message in a fresh and innovative way.

Although we strongly believe abolishing the UK Film Council is a counterproductive idea we created ‘The Storm’ to not dwell on bad press but to offer a positive spin on a negative event. The message within the film is for filmmakers not to give up, that the abolishment of the UK Film Council is not a sign British cinema is disintegrating and that with hard work and passion British talent will still prosper within the global film industry.

‘The Storm’ focuses on one man’s struggle against a lack of interest and a brewing storm to screen his own short film. We follow him as he traipses across the English countryside to the perfect screening spot and begins to build his own cinema screen. The storm is closing in around him yet he still battles on, unwilling to let his opportunity go.

Each member of our highly dedicated cast and crew gave up their spare time, expertise and equipment for free to not only gain experience putting together a short film but also contribute to something they felt a personal connection to. Equally, the main location within the film was donated by The Durleston Head Country Park, an organisation that had also been affected by the Arts Council funding cuts. Relating to the project they provided the highly sought after location for free.

With ‘The Storm’ we want to show that even though the UK Film Council has been disbanded, the wealth of talent produced by the UK will continue to offer valuable expertise and unrivalled talent within the global film industry.

Zeta and leading video SEO specialists 99moves are dedicated to supporting new talent within the media industry. Please show your support by sharing ‘The Storm’.

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Helen Rollo posted at 12:48 on 20th April 2011

Great film! Well done.