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Online Video Continues to Become an Integral Part of the Marketing Mix

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 by Amy Maslin Comment (0) »

Online video has been creeping up on us for a while now, what started as grainy videos of someone’s cat stealing loo roll has blown up in to something of a phenomenon. Now with the likes of 4oD, iPlayer and Netflix, video on demand services have transformed the way we all consume media.

econsultancy has recently championed a report from Unruly Media which identifies that online video sharing has increased by a massive 86% since May 2010.A large amount of these views are shared via Facebook, subsequently 40% of all YouTube views are also shared via Facebook.

To encourage the sharing of videos and other content Facebook has enhanced the Like button. When previously liking something only created a link on the user’s news feed, now it creates a thumbnail, headline and a line of copy. The aim is to make stories more visible, encourage others to like and share the stories in turn.

New Media Age has also highlighted WebTV Enterprises bi-annual survey of media buyers. Within they found a third of advertisers are now incorporating video on demand ads into 75% of their media plans. They also discovered up to 81% of media buyers conducted up to five video on demand campaigns a month.

With more people sharing and more time and money being invested into video advertising it comes as little surprise to see that Nielsen Wire has identified that online video has almost doubled in the past year, rising by 45% between January 2010 and January 2011. They also discovered that little of the increase (just over 3%) is due to new users, meaning those who were consuming online video previously are now consuming more.

Now it seems online video is gaining backing from the more mainly sites, the Radio Times online magazine has announced plans to integrate video on demand within its site, and not just from their own iPlayer but from the likes of 4oD as well. The Radio Times aims to make its site a one stop shop of all catch up TV, enticing more users and in turn more advertisers.

There is more, Facebook has offered yet another dimension to the social network by teaming up with Warner Bros to offer video rental. The service was launched with The Dark Knight and was available to view for 48 hours. Although only available in the US at the moment, both Facebook and Warner Bros are hoping to roll the service out to other countries.

As well as bringing entertainment to us as and when we choose, online video has added an extra facet to advertising. Increasing numbers of marketers are using video creatively within campaigns and are constantly looking for innovative ways to integrate video across marketing channels. Devices such as Quick Response codes have allowed marketers a method of connecting an audience to online content via a smart phone or web cam. Although Quick Response codes are still somewhat in their infancy, their use is increasing across the industry as they offer a bridge between online and offline content.

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